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Unveiling Food Defects in Processed Goods | Women's Edge in Negotiation | Real Talk: A Self-Care Journey

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▶️ 10 WORST Foods That Are Destroying Your HEALTH!

📰 Insect Fragments to Rodent Hair: The Reality of 'Food Defects' in Processed Foods

📰 Study Reveals Women May Be More Effective Negotiators Than Men in Key Scenarios

📰 Skipping Class for Self-Care: A Freshman's Impulsive Trip Becomes a Lifelong Lesson

 Corrections: What We Got Wrong and How We Fixed It.

▶️ Cinema Therapy: Therapist Reacts to INSIDE OUT

🎁 Book Recon: 7 Healthy Gut Habits For Women Over 40

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Question: Statins are medications given to patients who have high levels of lipids in their blood, otherwise known by what "good or bad" C-name?

A) Cholesterol B) Chlorophyll, C) Collagen

(Answer at the bottom of the newsletter.)

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These articles are for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Contact a qualified medical professional before engaging in any physical activity, or making any changes to your diet, medication or lifestyle.

Insect Fragments to Rodent Hair: The Reality of 'Food Defects' in Processed Foods

A recent review of food safety standards reveals that everyday foods contain unavoidable traces of contaminants like insect parts, rodent hair, and excrement. 

The FDA sets limits on these 'food defects', acknowledging their inevitability in the food processing chain. Foods such as coffee, peanut butter, and chocolate, along with spices like oregano and paprika, all fall within these guidelines.

Despite the unsavory nature of these findings, food safety experts assert that these contaminants pose a minimal health risk compared to other threats like physical contaminants or foodborne illnesses.


Study Reveals Women May Be More Effective Negotiators Than Men in Key Scenarios

Professor Ashleigh Shelby Rosette's research at Duke University reveals that women might excel in negotiations more than men, particularly when alternatives are limited.

This conclusion emerges from a study that analyzed negotiation practices, including data from "Shark Tank" and a simulated job salary negotiation. The findings show that women's relational approach to negotiation, characterized by less aggressive offers and a focus on cooperative relationships, results in fewer stalemates and more successful deals.

This challenges the traditional emphasis on assertiveness in negotiations, typically associated with men, and underscores the importance of considering impasse rates in measuring negotiation success. Read Full Story

Corrections: What We Got Wrong
and How We Fixed It.

Most publications (newspapers, we’re looking at you) will hide their corrections in small print on the back page. We’re not a newspaper, when we get something wrong, we promptly make an edit to the online edition. Thanks for your feedback, curious Cary Spotlight subscribers wanted us to include the location of these businesses: “Still wonder where it is located.”

  1. Issue #98: Trivia Question: Bevin Prince was not born in Cary, NC.

    Prince was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, her family moved to Cary, North Carolina in 1986. She attended Martin Middle School where she was a member of a cheer-leading squad that won first place in the Wake County Cheerleading Contest. She began her career as a child actress and has appeared in a number of films and television shows throughout her career. Prince is best known for her role as Bevin Mirskey on the television show "One Tree Hill," which aired from 2003 to 2012.

  2. Issue #99: Headline: Safety Alert: Cary Incident Highlights Dangers of Indoor Tesla Battery Charging. A reader had an issue with the headline, “Your headline about the Tesla Battery was very misleading. It implied that the main, larger battery was the problem, not a 12 volt battery. Shame on you.” Did you know a Tesla car has two batteries? We added this additional information to our original post.

Skipping Class for Self-Care: An Impulsive Trip Becomes a Lifelong Lesson

Printed below (with her permission) without edits or addition is real talk of an accomplished actor, writer, arts advocate, bacon-eater, male shirtlessness activist, and a friend, Nandita Shenoy.

In a candid reflection on mental health and self-care, my friend shared her experience of dealing with periods of low spirits.

“During the second semester of my freshman year of college, I experienced a blue kind of funk that I just couldn't shake. One day, I decided to skip my classes (very unlike me!) and go into New York for a day. I rode the train in, walked in the park, sat in the Temple of Dendur, had dinner with a high school friend, and then took the train back. It was a great day in which I escaped the perceived academic pressures of my life and had some fun exploring art with no further purpose than I found it interesting.

Lately, I have been in that blue kind of funk again, and when I was invited to take a tour of a special exhibit about Shakespeare at my alma mater, I decided to go in spite of other things that I should be doing in New York. I rode the train, walked to campus, met a friend for tea, went on the tour, and then took the train home. It was a great day! Not as impetuous as that day my freshman year, but very reminiscent of it.

Sometimes you just need a break. Take one.”

How do you respond to such Real Talk? "Sometimes you just need a break, Take one"

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The Answer to the Cary Spotlight Hook Trivia Question 👇👇👇
A) Cholesterol