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Body Brews Alcohol Mystery, Omega-3 Reduces Violence, Combat 'Ozempic Butt', Heroic Child's Gift

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Credit: MedicalNewsToday

When the Body Brews Its Own Alcohol: A Rare Medical Mystery Unraveled

In Toronto, a 50-year-old woman's mysterious symptoms—dizziness, disorientation, and a breath reeking of alcohol—baffled doctors for two years. Despite multiple hospital visits and claims of abstinence, medical professionals initially dismissed the possibility of a medical issue, attributing her condition to undisclosed drinking habits. It was only after persistent hospitalizations that an emergency room doctor recognized these as potential signs of auto-brewery syndrome, a rare condition where the digestive system converts carbohydrates into ethanol, effectively turning the gut into an internal brewery.

Diagnosed by Dr. Rahel Zewude, an infectious disease specialist, the woman's condition was extreme, with alcohol levels occasionally reaching 62 millimoles per liter—figures high enough to be life-threatening. This medical oddity occurs when fungi, such as Saccharomyces or Candida, excessively ferment dietary carbohydrates into alcohol. The condition is exacerbated by factors like antibiotic use, which disrupts gut bacteria, paving the way for these fungi to thrive.

Treatment for auto-brewery syndrome is complex and involves a strict low-carb diet alongside targeted antifungal medications.

As this Toronto resident discovered, meticulous management and medical oversight are crucial, as relapses can occur, marked by a rapid increase in blood alcohol levels triggered by carbohydrate intake. Read full article

Resource Guide: Optimize Your GLP-1 Journey by Dr. Estelle Tsalik

Study Reveals Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Curb Aggression and Violence

A comprehensive study by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania indicates that omega-3 fatty acids could significantly mitigate aggressive and violent behaviors.

The study, involving nearly 4,000 participants and spanning over two decades, supports the incorporation of omega-3s—found in fatty fish, flaxseeds, and walnuts—into daily diets to reduce both impulsive and premeditated aggression.

These findings suggest that omega-3 supplements, in conjunction with psychological therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, could provide a dual approach to managing aggression, enhancing both physical and mental health. Read Full Story

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butt size

How to Prevent and Treat 'Ozempic Butt' in Weight Loss Medication Users

In the evolving landscape of weight loss management, a peculiar side effect dubbed "Ozempic butt" has emerged, drawing attention on social media platforms like TikTok. This condition, characterized by loose and saggy skin around the buttocks, is increasingly reported among users of the weight loss medications Ozempic and Wegovy. Medical experts explain that rapid fat loss in the buttocks and abdominal areas, common with these drugs, leads to excess skin similar to post-pregnancy changes.

Dr. Jorge Moreno and Dr. Sue Decotiis, both specializing in obesity treatment, note that individuals losing a significant amount of body mass, typically 15 to 20%, might experience this phenomenon.

It's more likely in those who lose weight quickly and among older adults, due to decreased skin elasticity and collagen production. However, they assure that "Ozempic butt" can be prevented and treated. Engaging in muscle-building exercises and maintaining proper hydration and protein intake are key strategies.

For those already affected, targeted physical activities like squats, lunges, and resistance training are recommended to help firm up the buttocks area.
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Young Hero: Eight-Year-Old Saves Four Lives Through Organ Donation After Tragic Accident

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, young Miles Campbell, an eight-year-old from North Carolina, has become one of the few pediatric organ donors in the state this year, following a tragic car crash on Memorial Day that claimed his life and that of his parents.

Miles, known for his compassion, often engaged in charity work with his parents, creating "goodie bags" for the homeless. His family, honoring his giving spirit and following the wish of his parents who were registered organ donors, consented to donate his organs. This final act of kindness saved four lives, according to Dena Daw from HonorBridge, a prominent organ procurement organization in the state.

North Carolina faces a significant shortage of pediatric organ donors. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, there are 82 children in the state awaiting a transplant, with some unfortunately dying while waiting due to the scarcity of compatible organs.

Pediatric donations, which are rare but incredibly vital, can provide matches for children who otherwise face long waits for adult-size organs to become available. This year, organ donations from children have been few, but each has a profound impact, illustrated poignantly by Miles's story. Read Full Story

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The world's largest flower garden, Keukenhof, is located in Lisse, Netherlands. Known for its stunning floral displays, Keukenhof spans approximately 79 acres and showcases over 7 million flowers each year.

The garden is particularly renowned for its extensive collection of tulips, which are in peak bloom during the spring months. Visitors from around the world flock to Keukenhof to experience the vibrant colors and artistic arrangements that make this destination a celebration of natural beauty. Learn More