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⚠️ Solar Storm Warning: Power & GPS Disruptions; Inheritance Scam Alert; 'Carry the Load' Relay in Raleigh

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📰 Severe Solar Storm Expected to Disrupt Power, GPS in Triangle Area

📰 Triangle Residents Targeted by Inheritance Scam from Nonexistent Canadian Law Firm

📰 'Carry the Load' Relay Honors Fallen Heroes in Raleigh

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Dear Reader,

We have some wonderful news to share: Cary Spotlight just reached an exciting milestone—our 200th edition! For the past 29 weeks, we've been honored to bring you daily news, spotlight stories about local businesses, and events that showcase why our community is such a fantastic place to live, work, and play.

It's your enthusiasm and support that make this journey so special. Our goal is to continue bringing you the latest updates and to highlight the wonderful people and businesses that keep Cary buzzing.

Thank you for being part of the Cary Spotlight family. We look forward to sharing many more editions with you as we celebrate the heart and soul of our vibrant community.

Warm regards,

Chris Coetzer
Cary Spotlight

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Severe Solar Storm Expected to Disrupt Power, GPS in Triangle Area

A geomagnetic storm of significant strength is projected to hit Earth on May 11, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center. The storm is a result of coronal mass ejections that erupted from the Sun and are set to merge before reaching Earth. Classified as G4, the storm will likely cause voltage control problems in power grids, particularly in higher latitudes, and disrupt high-frequency radio and GPS signals for several hours.

The Space Weather Prediction Center forecasts a 60% chance of notable communication outages on the sunlit side of Earth. Despite the possible technological disruptions, the storm's intensity might offer a stunning view of the aurora borealis as far south as Alabama and western North Carolina, depending on the storm's strength and its interaction with the magnetic field. Read Full Story

Just curious…

With the impending geomagnetic storm, which aspect concerns or excites you the most?

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Triangle Residents Targeted by Inheritance Scam from Nonexistent Canadian Law Firm

Letters claiming to offer a portion of a multimillion-dollar inheritance have been arriving in the Triangle area, purportedly from a Toronto law firm. They suggest recipients partner with the sender, "Terry Alton," to claim an $8.9 million insurance policy left by a "distant relative." The scheme promises to donate 10 percent to charity, while the remaining sum would be split between the sender and the recipient. However, CBS 17 consumer investigator Steve Sbraccia found that attempts to contact Alton were futile, often leading to unresponsive or unactivated voicemail systems.

Further scrutiny revealed no records of "Terry Alton" or the supposed law firm in official directories maintained by the Law Society of Ontario or the Toronto Lawyers Association. The Law Society confirmed that any legitimate practicing attorney in Ontario would appear in their online directory. This scam follows a pattern seen in other regions like Louisiana, where similar letters were determined to be phishing attempts aimed at stealing personal information.  Read Full Story

'Carry the Load' Relay Honors Fallen Heroes in Raleigh

In Raleigh, North Carolina, the annual 'Carry the Load' relay procession marched through Western Boulevard on Thursday, carrying a large American flag as a tribute to the fallen heroes of the military. Participants gathered to remember and express gratitude to those who served and sacrificed, emphasizing the significance of Memorial Day through their month-long event known as "Memorial May."

Organized by the East Coast Relay team led by Jason Santos, the national relay stretches across 20,000 miles over five routes. The East Coast leg began at West Point, New York, and will culminate in Dallas, Texas, covering a staggering 4,200 miles. This two-day memorial event in Dallas, scheduled for May 26-27, will mark the conclusion of the journey.

Cary Spotlight 200th Edition: Flash Back

Let’s hop in the time machine and look back at the headlines from these mile stone issues.

  • 📰 March Madness Boosts North Carolina's New Mobile Sports Betting Scene

  • 📰 Weekend Road Closure Announced for U.S. 401 Amid Major Raleigh Loop Construction

  • 📰 Respiratory Virus Outbreak Prompts Closure at Chatham County Animal Shelter

  • ▶️ 10 WORST Foods That Are Destroying Your HEALTH!

  • 📰 Insect Fragments to Rodent Hair: The Reality of 'Food Defects' in Processed Foods

  • 📰 Study Reveals Women May Be More Effective Negotiators Than Men in Key Scenarios

  • 📰 Skipping Class for Self-Care: A Freshman's Impulsive Trip Becomes a Lifelong Lesson

  • 📰 Tree Damage Causes Over 450,000 Gallons of Sewage Spill in Durham

  • 📰 Local Solidarity Shines in Garner's Post-Tornado Recovery Efforts

  • 📰 Cary, NC's Extensive Green Spaces Could Hold Key to Youthful Aging, Study Suggests

  • 😷 Non-Profit Shields Community from Flu

  • ⛄ Cary Town Crews Train for Snow

  • 🏒 Carolina Hurricanes Face Tampa Bay Lightning in Crucial Game 7

  • 🎃 Boo-gie Down: Halloween Festivities!

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