Cary Spotlight | Issue #113

Heroic Security Officers, Local Billionaires, and Premier Pet Care

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πŸ“° Security Officers Thwart Shooter in Texas Megachurch Incident

πŸ“°Β Research Triangle's Elite: A Look at the Billionaires Among Us

🚨 The Cary Police Department Crime Data

πŸ’‘Β Mosa Pet Spa Resort & Boutique: Tailored Care for Cary's Furry Residents

πŸ† Wolfpack Gymnastics Maintains Undefeated ACC Record with Win Over Tar Heels

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Question: Who was the first Black woman to win an Olympic gold medal?

A) Alice Coachman B) Allison Flex C) Anita Baker

(Answer at the bottom of the newsletter.)

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Security Officers Thwart Shooter in Texas Megachurch Incident

Genesse Ivonne Moreno attacked Lakewood Church in Houston with an AR-style rifle, critically wounding her son and sparking a shootout with security officers, who ultimately killed her.

Authorities noted Moreno's mental health issues and are investigating motives tied to family disputes and found antisemitic writings.

The attack, contained to a church hallway, showcased the heroism of off-duty officers in preventing a larger tragedy.

Lakewood, a megachurch led by Joel Osteen, is a prominent symbol of the prosperity gospel, drawing tens of thousands weekly, was shaken by this act of violence that fortunately did not escalate further. Read full story

Research Triangle's Elite: A Look at the Billionaires Among Us

Research Triangle Park, encompassing Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Morrisville, and Cary, is home to five billionaires whose work spans clinical research, software, and gaming.

Their success stories highlight the region's blend of academic excellence, technological innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Dennis Gillings (IQVIA), James Goodnight (SAS), Mark Rein (Epic Games), John Sall (SAS), and Tim Sweeney (Epic Games) have each contributed significantly to their fields, ranging from clinical research and analytics software to video gaming.

Their presence in RTP not only highlights their personal achievements but also reflects the area's capacity to support and grow global businesses while fostering a community that values philanthropy and conservation.

Credit: Cary NC Police Dept. (12 Feb 2024)

The Cary Police Department Crime Data

The Cary Police Department emphasizes accuracy in its crime data reporting, despite challenges inherent in the process. Daily updates and adherence to privacy laws are central to their approach, though the dynamic nature of crime data means information can change over time.

The crime data presented by the Cary Police Department spans the last decade, plus the current year, reflecting a commitment to transparency over an extended period. View Cary NC Police Incidents

Mosa Pet Spa Resort & Boutique (Amanda & Ernesto Borge)

Mosa Pet Spa Resort & Boutique: Tailored Care for Cary's Furry Residents

Mosa Pet Spa Resort & Boutique, a home-based, family-operated full-service pet spa, has been redefining pet care in Cary for the past 15 years. Founded in 2008 by Amanda and Ernesto Borge, Mosa emerged from a deep-seated belief in providing personalized, one-on-one holistic care for pets. This approach has not only set the foundation for their services but has also propelled Mosa to open two specialized locations within Cary, each dedicated to delivering the highest standards of grooming and care.

At the heart of Mosa's philosophy is the commitment to exceptional care for animals and their families. This is evident in their tailored services and the use of minimal ingredient, high-end products to ensure optimal skin and coat health. Moreover, Mosa stands out for its certified service providers, who are continuously updated with the latest in pet care and grooming through continued education and certifications.

But Mosa's impact extends beyond grooming tables and spa baths. Their community involvement is a testament to their dedication to being an integral part of the Cary community. From sponsoring local school events to partnering with pet-friendly businesses and supporting local rescue organizations, Mosa actively contributes to the well-being of the community's pets, particularly those waiting for their forever homes.

The founders, Amanda and Ernesto Borge, bring a unique blend of passion and expertise to the business. Amanda's journey began on a 4H farm, leading her to a career enriched with certifications and accolades in animal grooming and care. Ernesto, initially new to the pet scene, was inspired by Amanda's dedication and helped establish Mosa to support her vision. Together, they have cultivated a business that not only cares for pets but also nurtures a more compassionate world.

Mosa's future looks bright with multiple partnered events on the horizon, including participation in local gatherings like Bond Brothers' Wag-tines and grooming discussions with pet owners. As they continue to serve the Cary community, Mosa Pet Spa Resort & Boutique remains a shining example for those seeking a blend of professional care, holistic wellness, and compassionate community involvement for their pets.

In a world where pet care often becomes impersonal, Mosa stands as a reminder of the importance of individual attention and holistic well-being. As Cary's furry residents and their families seek out services that truly understand their needs, Mosa Pet Spa Resort & Boutique remains a cherished community gem, dedicated to making a difference one pet at a time.

Resort Address: 931 Manchester Dr, Cary, NC 27511 Get Directions

Boutique Address: 213 Waldo St, Cary, NC 27511 Get Directions

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Wolfpack Gymnastics Maintains Undefeated ACC Record with Win Over Tar Heels

The NC State gymnastics team showcased exceptional talent and teamwork in their latest meet against UNC-Chapel Hill, clinching a season-high score and maintaining their undefeated status in ACC play.

Graduate student Emily Shepard starred, securing three individual titles and contributing to the team's dominant performance across all events.

The Wolfpack's victory is part of a remarkable turnaround from an initial 0-4 season start to a balanced 4-4 record, underscoring their resilience and competitive edge. With promising performances from both seasoned athletes and newcomers, NC State looks forward to continuing its winning streak in upcoming competitions. Read full story

The Answer to the Cary Spotlight Hook Trivia QuestionΒ πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
A) Alice Coachman

Coachman's medal was achieved at the 1948 Olympic Games in London where she leapt 5 feet 6 β…› inches to earn the top spot in the high jump, beating out Britain’s Dorothy Tyler.

After her win, Coachman returned to the United States where she was celebrated with motorcade parades, yet faced strict segregation in the South. She retired from track and field and became a teacher.