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NC Elder Fraud Alert: $7M Stolen, Hotline Ready; Cheeseburger Cocaine Discovery; Cary Yard Sale Finds; Tiger Woods at Pinehurst U.S. Open

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📰 Elder Fraud Surges in NC: $7M Stolen from Seniors, New Hotline Launched

📰 Cocaine Hidden in Cheeseburger Discovered During Traffic Stop

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Elder Fraud Surges in NC: $7M Stolen from Seniors, New Hotline Launched

In an alarming trend, elder fraud in North Carolina is on the rise, with $7 million stolen from seniors through various scams in the past year. Complaints to the FBI regarding elder fraud have surged by 14%, reflecting the increasing sophistication of scammers.

In 2023, the Attorney General's office received over 500 elder fraud complaints, with victims losing an average of $50,000 each. Despite these staggering numbers, many seniors do not report being scammed, often due to feelings of embarrassment or shame. This lack of reporting allows scammers to continue their deceitful practices with impunity.

To combat this growing issue, a new hotline, accessible by dialing 2-1-1, has been launched to provide assistance to those who have lost money or suspect they may be targets of scams. The Senior Consumer Fraud Task Force, with members like North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey, is actively working to raise awareness about the increasing threat.

Secretary of State Elaine Marshall emphasizes that the blame should not be placed on seniors for falling victim to these scams. Instead, it is crucial for friends and family to support and protect their loved ones. She notes that the sophistication of scam artists often surpasses the suspicion of even the most cautious individuals.

Tech support, investment, and romance scams are particularly prevalent. Marshall advises everyone to be vigilant and to approach any offer that seems too good or too urgent with skepticism. This caution is necessary, as not only seniors but also young people are becoming frequent targets.

As the fight against elder fraud continues, the community is urged to stay informed and report suspicious activities. The 2-1-1 hotline is a vital resource in this effort, offering support and guidance to those affected.

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Cheeseburger with bag of cocaine. Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office

Cocaine Hidden in Cheeseburger Discovered During Traffic Stop

During a traffic stop in Lee County, deputies discovered a bag of cocaine hidden inside a cheeseburger.

The stop, conducted near Rose Street and Woodland Avenue, also led to the discovery of fentanyl, marijuana, and two guns. The vehicle’s driver, De Anthonie Taylor, was charged with multiple drug offenses and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The passenger, Brianna Smith, faced charges including possession with intent to sell and deliver a schedule IV controlled substance and carrying a concealed weapon. Both were initially held without bond, with Taylor later released on bond and Smith receiving a $50,000 bond. Read the full report

Hidden Gems Await at Tomorrow’s Cary Senior Center Yard Sale

The Cary Senior Center is gearing up for its Annual Yard Sale, set to take place tomorrow, June 15, from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at 120 Maury Odell Place. This cherished community event promises an eclectic array of items, including kitchenware, antiques, collectibles, electronics, clothing, outdoor items, and furniture.

Admission is free, and all proceeds will benefit the Cary Senior Center and its various senior clubs. Shoppers can look forward to discovering unique treasures and supporting a good cause. Both cash and credit payments are accepted, and donation slips for tax purposes will be available.

Though the donation period has concluded, attendees can expect a well-curated selection of items, with a focus on quality and safety. Items for sale include brand new and vintage pieces, jewelry, electronics (excluding CRT monitors and TVs), home and garden supplies, housewares, garage and sports equipment, and clean, gently used clothing.

The Annual Yard Sale is more than just a shopping event; it’s an opportunity for the community to come together and support local seniors. For additional details, the Cary Senior Center can be contacted at (919) 469-4081.

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Glimpses of Vintage Tiger Woods at Pinehurst’s U.S. Open

The 124th U.S. Open at Pinehurst No. 2 began with Tiger Woods providing a fleeting but thrilling reminder of his former glory. Despite the numerous surgeries and injuries that have marked his career, Woods showcased moments of brilliance early in his round. He birdied the par-5 10th hole, outdriving his younger playing partners and briefly leading the leaderboard.

However, the relentless Carolina heat and the challenging course soon took their toll on Woods. Struggling with his irons and putting, he finished the day with a four-over 74 after a series of bogeys in the middle of his round. Despite the setbacks, the crowd’s unwavering support for Woods highlighted his enduring appeal.

As the tournament progresses, Woods faces a significant challenge to make the cut, with top contenders like defending champion Wyndham Clark and Rory McIlroy well ahead. Yet, for those first few holes, Woods offered a nostalgic glimpse of the greatness that once defined him. Read full story

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